Popcorn 2018


Welcome to the 2018 Popcorn Sale

(Constant page changes are occuring – continue to check often for new items.)

NOTE: There are NEW and MORE STREAMLINED procedures in 2018.

Find out about them, see the RED text below AND in the Kernel Guidebook.

Kernel Guidebook  –  coming soon a full guidebook   

  • Note:  items listed below (+) a page#   EQUALS     page# in the kernel guidebook.

Items to get you started !

  • 2017 Quantities Sold for Show-N-Sell & Take Order – What did your unit order last year  – Click Here
  • Popcorn Dates (page7) – Click Here  
  • Unit Commitment to Sell Form Click Here 
  • 2018 Show-N-Sell, Take Order, Prizes/Patches will be ordered on the www.scouting.trails-end.com.
    • Upon going to scouting.trails-end.com, you can login with your user name and password OR register as a new user.
    • Home screen at www.scouting.trails-end.com gives instructions to RESET your past login information and instructions for NEW USERS.
  • District Kick-Off Dates, District Kernel Contacts, Warehouse Pickup, Council Contacts (page 10) – Click Here
  • Prizes and Patches Flyer – 2 page flyer. Page 1 – Click Here.  Page 2 – Click Here.  NEW IN 2018 – Prizes & Patches will be ordered online through the www.scouting.trails-end.com . Yes, the same site that you ordered popcorn will have an option to order your patches and prizes. More Information will be posted regarding Prizes & Patches. – coming soon
  • Product List and Retail Prices – 2 page flyer.  Page 1 – Click Here.  Page 2 – Click Here.
  • Free Rank Requirements (page 8) – same as 2017
    • EITHER 5% increase over 2017 Unit Sales OR 5% increase over Scouts Average Sale.
    • Contact [email protected] if this is your first sale; he will assist setting up your sale’s goal.
    • More information will be located in the Kernel Guidebook.

GoApe Experience – Explanation coming soon


  • Show-N-Sell Online Ordering Instructions (pages 6 & 13) – coming soon
  • Show-N-Sell per Location Tracking Form (pages 6 & 14) – coming soon
  • Show-N-Sell Online Ordering Worksheet (pages 6 & 15) – coming soon

Take Order

  • Take Order Online Ordering Instructions (pages 6 & 16) – coming soon
  • Take Order Sales per Scout Tracking Form (pages 6 & 17)  – coming soon
  • Take Order Online Ordering Worksheet (pages 6 & 18) – coming soon

Forms usable with Both Show-N-Sell and Take Order

  • Unit Product Transfer Form (pages 6 & 19) – NEW IN 2018 – Product Transfers for ALL sales are handled completely between the units. The receiving unit should pay the giving unit 70% of the retail value at time of transfer. Council NO LONGER processes these transfers; too often, the paperwork trail back to Council was unclear and very delayed. – coming soon
  • Product Receipt Form (pages 6 & 20) – coming soon

Trail’s End Specific Information

Take Order Form – glossy form – Coming soon

www.scouting.trails-end.com – This site is where all orders are placed: Show-N-Sell, Take Order, Prizes, and Patches.  All, reports you may like are here too.

www.trails-end.com  –  This site contains FOUR, very informative, tabs in the upper right corner of the screen:  Benefits   *   How it Works   *   Training   *   Popcorn System.

www.sell.trails-end.com – This site links you to other pieces of information and back to both Trail’s End sites listed directly above.

NOTE: Training Videos are very help full.  Here is a “Video Tree”(coming soon) of those that are available through Trail’s End.