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Finance And Fundraising

Finance And Fundraising Finance and fundraising functions for the Council provide continued growth and constant improvement for ongoing operations at the Council and the Scouting program. The program empowers youth, family and community through the skills and lessons learned, teaches community-minded involvement and working together as a team. Your financial support allows the youth and

The Next Generation Committee

The Next Generation Committee for the Occoneechee Council is looking for new members! We are a group of young professionals (20s and 30s) who assist the council and build the next generation of adult leaders. If you are interested or you know someone who is interested, please contact Robert Shaw at shawrw5@yahoo.com or join our

Tech Corner

Smart  Phones and Pictures As a Scouter a GPS is your friend.  If you are lost, it is a wonderful piece of equipment to have. However, just how safe is your location when posting smart phone pictures?  You can be GPS tracked to where you are even if you are unaware.  Here is how. The

How Do Commissioners Help?

How Do Commissioners Help? Some of the ways commissioners may help a unit include:   Brainstorm ideas with unit adults to solve unit problems. Listen to unit leaders-their needs, ideas, and successes. Suggest resources to improve the unit’s program. Help improve the relationship between unit adults and chartered organization leaders. Help recruit additional adults Facilitate