Camp Cards 2017

Let’s make the 2017 Sale bigger and better than ever!

March 22, 2017   –  60 days and counting – Remember the Sale Ends May 22.  Need more Cards????  The Council still has Wake County cards and a few Lee County Cards.   Let’s Move Sell ALL of them!!!!  Click below if you need more!


FUN FACTS and TIPS for the SALE – Yes, You can Sell the Cards As Soon As You Get them – GO!!!!!

  • Remember:  EVERY card sold = $2.50 for your unit.
  • The card is small, fits in your pocket, and is an easy Sale.
    • Ask friends, neighbors, family – you deliver the product when sold, NO having to track down the person later.
    • Done – you give them the card, you have the money, collect it and turn it into the Camp Card Chairman.
  • The buyer can make the money back with ONE use of the card.  $5 snap-offs are on every card!

  1. Unit Registration Form**NEW THIS YEAR** Sign-up online NOW –  Click Here.
    • Do you need to order your First Round of Camp Cards?   Do you need to order Additional Camp Cards?  Click on the Link Above.
    • The Council Office will receive an electronic copy of your registration AND you will receive an email confirmation.
  2. Scout Sales Tracking Form – **NEW THIS YEAR** – Click Here. 
    • THIS is a  required tracking form used by the unit leader to track the sales of each scout to qualify them for the prize drawing. 
    • On May 22 an Electronic copy is due to Council.  See below Items Due May 22.
  3. Unit GuidebookClick Here
    • Page 2 – Chairman’s Responsibilities
    • Page 3 – Benefits of Selling
    • Page 4 – Kickoffs
    • Page 5 – Forms discussed
    • Page 6 –  the Dates for the Sales and the Prize Program Explained
  4. Unit Settlement FormClick Here 
  5. Items Due May 22

    1. Scout Sales Tracking Form – in electronic format sent to before arriving at the Council office May 22.  Please Make the Email Subject:  Unit Pack/Troop XXX Tracking Form
    2. Money – Cash or Unit Check written to BSA
    3. Unit Settle Form – see above
    4. Unsold Cards – Hopefully the UNIT sold ALL you had, but if not, here is what to do.
      • Bring in the unopen bundles of 50 OR
      • undamaged/100% intact with ALL breakoffs bundles of 25 OR
      • a bundle of less than 25